Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Designed for customers requiring vehicle movement and usage in their control.

  • Worried about your car as we keep hearing of car thefts or car hijacking every single day?
  • Concerned if your teenager is driving recklessly or wondering about where they are going?
  • Wondering if your employees are using your vehicles for their personal use?
  • Suspect your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend of infidelity?
  • Need a travel history of your limos, taxis, buses or other commercial vehicles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need TRAQR vehicle tracking.

Designed for customers requiring vehicle movement and usage in their control, TRAQR is a real-time tracking system that incorporates the latest in GPS and wireless technology to accurately determine the exact location of a vehicle, where a person traveled, how fast they drove, where they stopped and for how long. Data can be viewed graphically on a digital map or in the form of tabular textual reports.

TRAQR can be fitted onto cars, vans, trucks, buses, utility vehicles, trailers, emergency response vehicles, taxis, motorcycles or even scooters or for that matter, any thing that moves or is capable of moving. The hardware and software has been designed to be used on both private individual vehicles or large fleets.

TRAQR allows for alerts to be set such as over-speeding, moving in and out of designated locations or areas and towing alarm. For a full list of the features, click here.

Application of GPS vehicle tracking enables —

  • 24/7 real-time vehicle tracking and visibility - current location, speed, distance and route covered.
  • Reduction in unauthorized stops and deviation of routes by vehicle drivers.
  • Reduction in communication cost trying to learn vehicle location and status.
  • Reduction in operational and maintenance costs.
  • Increase in safety and security of vehicle and driver.
  • Useful in emergency situations.
  • Any criminal activity immediately identified.